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by Kate McCoy |

Mr Baxter is every woman's fantasy and every man's best friend.

If you haven't met, I suggest you do yourself a favour and get in touch. 

The brain child of wedding and proposal planner Bree Taylor of WHITE RABBIT PROJECTS and diamond grader, dealer and jewellery designer KATE MCCOY, Mr Baxter is an event for Gents looking to propose but not knowing where to start. 

Mr Baxter teaches grooms-to-be how to read diamond grading certificates, the 4 C's, Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat, how to buy diamonds, how to go about designing a ring, and how to plan the perfect proposal.

The aim is to take the stress and mystery out of the process so that men feel confident, informed and in touch with their romantic side before they "pop the question".

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