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Keeping Your Engagement Ring Clean

by Kate McCoy |


Keeping your treasured jewellery sparkling at its most brilliant is not only important for the show factor but also to maintain it for generations to come. 

At Kate McCoy we recommend a simple but effective jewellery cleaning solution to keep your Engagement Ring Clean: Jewel Sparkle.
Jewel Sparkle is an easy cleaning solution that is essential to all jewellery wearing households. Lucky for you and me we are now selling this great product on our website. 
Here is an example of my friends ring before and after we gave it a good soak in Jewel Sparkle solution and scrub. Look at those diamonds sparkle!


The Jewel Sparkle comes in a cute tea cup sized screw lid container full of specially formulated cleaning solution. With an internal basket and adorable little cleaning bush, the basket makes it easy to retrieve your jewellery once you drop it into the solution to have a soak. 

Simply place your jewellery in the basket, dip the basket into the container of cleaning fluid for two minutes. Retrieve and give it a light scrub, being sure to gently scrub underneath the setting and the stone. Repeat the process. Do not leave jewellery in the solution for long periods of time.

Within 3 – 5 minutes your jewellery will be sparkling clean. 

Lift the tray out. Remove your pieces and carefully place them on a towel on the floor or table.

Take your hair dryer and on a warm and low setting give your jewellery a gentle blow dry.

Be careful you don’t blast it! We recommend you do it on a towel on the floor away from the drain, or better still cover the drain if you have a floor waste, we would hate for you to blast your diamond earrings by accident into the sink or worse still, down the toilet!

Drying it will keep it clean and free of bacteria for longer.

The Jewel Sparkle Solution has been specially formulated to dislodge stubborn grease, dirt, oil, bacteria and contaminants adhering to metal and gemstones, especially under the settings and in between any links on fine chains etc.  The defining brilliance of JewelSparkle is that is doesn't leave soapy residue on the diamonds optimising the amount of light that enters and scintillates throughout the facets of your beautiful stone(s). 

Jewel Sparkle is ideal for cleaning Platinum, Gold and Diamond Jewellery and most precious stones such as Sapphires, Rubies, Aquamarines, Tourmalines, Quartz and more. 

Here is another close-up of my friends ring before and after Jewel Sparkle. Its unmistakeable the difference between both rings. Its easy to forget how much your ring sparkled when you first received it but I believe every Engagement ring deserves to sparkle at its best forever.