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Storage, Safes, Insurance

by Kate McCoy |

Storing your jewellery properly is also very important. If you go traveling, its worth it to invest in a jewellery travel roll.

We have some beautiful leather luxurious ones available for order. If you would like one or would like to gift one to someone you love, send us an email and we will forward you the colour options. We can personalize it with your emergency contact details inside should an honest person come across your collection incase you accidentally leave it behind.

There are honest people in the world, believe it or not, and we think giving them the opportunity to return your beloved items by having your contact details inside is a great idea! 

We also have some small travel pots of cleaning solution with a little brush from gentle scrubbing, should you want to keep the jewels you do take on your trip clean.

Its optimal to clean your jewellery after you wear it before you safely put it away.

Cleaning and drying your jewellery will minimize it from tarnishing by washing off makeup and perfume and other grease and oils and drying it thoroughly.

Next time you look at your glistening collection, it will encourage you to wear your pieces and will also maintain the pieces for generations to come.

Some stones can come loose in their settings with wear and tear. If you look after your jewellery carefully, you are more likely to notice if a setting needs tightening or if a claw has in fact been knocked and damaged, than if you just throw it back in the box or pouch with the rest of your bling.

The idea of storing your jewellery is first and foremost to not let diamonds or other gems or metal rub against each other as they will scratch each other! Diamonds especially are the hardest thing known to man. They will scratch any other substance.

Citrines, Amythest, Quartz, Emerald, Aquamarines and Opals are all relatively soft and can chip or scratch if you are careless.

 Pearls are especially soft and best laid out as an open length if they have a clasp and then wrapped up in a soft cloth and stored in a pouch. Pearl earrings should be stored in separate pouches.


Also keep your jewellery box or travel pouch away from the damp. If this is unavoidable, or you live somewhere very humid, get a small container of “Damp Rid” or alternatively for a hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly option, you can buy charcoal humidity absober packs from amazon. Put it by your jewellery box or keep some sachets in your jewellery box. We don’t what your jewellery cloths and strands going mouldy! Yuck! 

For your home, a good solid lockable jewellery box is a great option. One with separate compartments for necklaces, bracelets or bangles and watches as well as slots for earrings and rings. We have a preferred jewellery box that we have designed that can fit neatly into a standard size home safe. If you would like to see some images and order one send us an email.

If you have special fine jewellery that you don’t wear everyday, a home safe is a sensible option. We also recommend getting jewellery specific insurance. Home contents insurance only covers you for the home, and they charge an excess to have it covered globally. Jewellery specific insurance means your jewels are covered no matter where you go!

Whilst sentimental pieces are irreplaceable and for that reason priceless, going through the process to insure them will require you to photograph them, which means you have them documented. In the unlikely event of something happening, you can rest assured that they are covered for total loss, theft or damage and we can replace them for likeness due to the pictures we have on file.

We can organize the product photos for you and get you a quote with Q Report.

Q Report is our recommended jewellery insurance provider. Q Report is underwritten by the globally distinguished company; Chubb. We have a strong relationship with them and find them to be the most reliable and cost effective in the industry. They process claims quickly and efficiently and have a great reputation that they uphold with pride. 

Accidents do happen, thieves do exist, minimise the risk by being smart about whom you talk to and where you wear your jewels. Don’t give your address to people you don’t know. Make sure you lock your house and if you are travelling, only take appropriate jewellery. For example, if you are going to Carnival in Rio, leave your fine jewellery locked up at home. That includes your engagement ring. You can always wear a cheap silver ring in place to show you are promised to someone else should you have any hot suitors after your heart on your holiday.

Be aware of unsavoury eavesdroppers. Who is within earshot when you are gushing about your collection of jewellery to your gal pal.