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Samantha Engagement Ring - Magnificent Blue Diamond
Samantha Engagement Ring with Flower

Samantha Engagement Ring


This Engagement ring was made especially for Tim McClean to propose to his now wife Samantha. 

Through some very stealth prodding via a very good mutual friend of theirs Tim knew Sam wasn't set on a solitaire white diamond.  Initially he was keen on an Emerald for Sam.

An Emerald although a gem quality mineral, is actually quite brittle. Emerald rings must be removed before washing the hands and extreme temperature or pressure changes can cause Emeralds to crack. Replacing a stone every two or less years is not my idea of a good deal.

I advised against an Emerald for a a life time of wearing everyday. Mainly because of Sam's occupation. Sam is an amazing entrepreneurial woman with a fantastic family business called MIrrool Creek Lamb.

Sam is constantly on the go, handling all aspects of the business. They are both very active people. Playing touch football, walking their gorgeous bull dog Champ and being outdoors.

As well as this Sam and Tim love skiing. (he proposed to her on a skiing holiday)

Tim decided then on a blue or greenish blue stone. We looked at Sapphires, mainly Australian ones due to their unique colour range. Although very rare, sometimes Australian Sapphires are found with a gorgeous light greenish-blue tone.

At the same time, I was hunting down the possibility of a Blue Diamond. 

When I presented Tim with the two options, the Blue Diamond won him over. A beautiful choice in my opinion that makes for a magnificent centre stone for a classic vintage style ring.

Made from 18kt white gold, this ring has been set carefully where the centre stone is ever slightly raised from the surrounding diamonds to elevate the centre but not to the point of having it sticking up. This style of setting keeps the design tasteful and balanced. The tapered band gives the design femininity and leads nicely to the centre.

It was important to me that this ring was beautiful, striking but still feminine and practical. Diamonds are the hardest wearing of all the gemstones after all, thus their popularity for engagement rings.

The wedding band design that Sam chose is also stunning. Although some adjustments will have to be made for the ring to fit alongside the engagement ring, this is not a huge problem to solve. And since the engagement ring was a surprise, this was unavoidable. Worth the surprise if you ask me!!

Samantha Engagement Ring