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Tahitian Pearls

Black Tahitian Pearls are distinguished by their stunning colour. Unlike their name suggest, black tahitian pearls are found in varying tones of dark grey to light grey with hues of pink, purple, peacock green, dark green, silver and gold.

All pearls are graded by their shape, their surface and their lustre. Tahitian Pearls are mostly graded using a French Polynesian government standardised system This system is graded on a scale from A to D where A is the highest quality. Other markets will utilise the AAA-A system. Both are comparable.

  • A: The highest-quality pearl, with very high luster and only minor imperfections over less than 10% of its surface.
  • B: High or medium luster. Surface may have some visible imperfections, but over no more than 30% of its area.
  • C: Medium luster with surface defects over not more than 60% of the surface area.
  • D: May have many slight defects, but no deep ones, spread over 60% of its surface; or deep defects over no more than 60% of its surface; or a combination of minor and deep defects over no more than 60% of its surface. In this grade of pearl, the luster is irrelevant. Even the most lustrous pearls will be graded D if their surface is blemished to this extent.
  • Pearls below D grade are considered not acceptable for use in jewellery

 KATE MCCOY only uses A GRADE pearls, choosing the best of the best for her highly valued customers.