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Bespoke Design


If you have not designed your very own piece of jewellery before, you are in for a wonderful experience at Kate McCoy.


Be it an engagement or wedding ring, a special gift, or a treat to yourself, Kate will help you design and create a piece of jewellery that is uniquely yours. From design inspiration to diamond education and stone sourcing, private sessions with Kate allow you to share in every step of the creative journey. 




To help you get started we recommend creating a moodboad with a collection of images of jewellery and gemstones or specific cuts you like. If you are designing an engagement ring for your fiance-to-be, and need some guidance determining your partners style, don't worry Kate is here to help!  

Begin by making an appointment with Kate to discuss type of jewellery piece, budget, materials and style.  

Kate's expertise and knowledge of materials and precious stones is able to work with any budget. It's all about being creative. Which makes the journey enjoyable and fuss-free for you as all of the aspects are anticipated and managed.

As a qualified gemologist and diamond grader, Kate has a passion and knowledge that sets her apart from most jewellers. Working with Kate to source a gemstone or diamond gives you access not only to her expertise in sourcing the highest quality, but also to her network of gemstone and diamond contacts world wide. As example, going to one diamond wholesaler online restricts you to what they have exclusively. Where as Kate has access to the highest quality stones in the world and better still they are ethically sourced.



Once the design style is narrowed down and the stones selected, we then go through a process of drawing. From the drawing a 3D model may be created. This is a fun exercise and allows you to see exactly what your ring is going to look like before it is made. For those of you who find it hard to visualise, this is a great tool and helps to create and adjust the design using tangible feedback. 

There are many ways to create a piece of jewellery; a cast 3D model, a fully hand made piece or a combination of both. There is a difference in quality and price depending on which processes fit within the budget and design.

After reviews have been made and your design is finalised ... The magic begins. This process takes up to three weeks depending on the complexity of the design. 

The final visit to collect your piece is a special and rewarding experience. Being apart of the design journey creates your own personal love story that you can wear everyday.  

Please call today +61 424205863 or email Kate at

Diamond Grader Gemologist

Kate McCoy is a qualified Diamond Grader and Gemologist. An expert in sourcing collector quality gemstones Kate brings to you the very best the world has to offer. Why settle for anything less. Quality and value are the top priority at Kate McCoy.

Custom Design

Custom Design doesn't have to be exorbitant if you know where to go. At Kate McCoy we pride ourselves on excellent customer service and design at the right price. Fine jewellery is made to last, so why not have it made exactly as you want it. If you have some creative flair, get involved! We love creating dreams for our customers.