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Purchasing high quality hand made jewellery can sometimes be a tricky and confusing business! Read below some of the frequently asked questions about the jewellery making process, the end product and delivery to you. For any further questions please contact

Kate McCoy is a qualified diamond grader (IGI), gemologist (GII) and jewellery designer based in Sydney, Australia. Kate creates high fashion and bespoke jewellery for women and men. Her pieces are uniquely designed and hand made to the highest quality.



What materials do you use to make your jewellery?

All fashion jewellery pieces are made from sterling silver (unless stated otherwise). Selected products are then plated in 14kt yellow gold, 14kt rose gold or rhodium. Kate McCoy currently uses a range of authentic gemstones, hand picked, such as; rose quartz, black onyx, lace agate, lapis lazuli, amethyst, garnet, aquamarine, turquoise, carnelian, citrine, smoky quartz, apple quartz, sunstone, hydrothermal emerald, hydrothermal ruby, pearl and more. 

Most fine jewellery pieces are made from 9-18kt white, yellow or rose gold and/or platinum. All gemstones used in fine jewellery pieces are hand picked, ensuring the fine quality associated with fine jewellery.

All engagement and wedding rings are bespoke creations, and as such, each piece is unique in design. Rest assured your Kate McCoy design will not be mass produced! Engagement and wedding ring bands are made using a choice from sterling silver, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or platinum. Stones used in engagement and wedding rings most commonly include, but are not limited to, diamonds, rubies or sapphires. Other stones are available, but it is not recommended if their hardness is below 7 on the moh scale.

Where do you source the metals and gemstones from?

Materials are sourced worldwide, subject to origin and availability. For example, emeralds are unique to Colombia and Zambia, whilst Ink Blue Sapphires and Argyle diamonds are unique to Australia. Most materials are sourced at the International Jewelry Trade Fair in Hong Kong where suppliers from all over the world gather three times a year to trade precious goods. Outside of this, the majority of materials are sourced in Australia. All metals are industry stamped for quality assurance.

How do I care for my jewellery?

Kate McCoy designs and hand makes high quality fashion jewellery that is beautiful and long lasting. However all jewellery is subject to minor scratches and knocks through everyday wear and tear, and must be cared for and looked after. 

  • Do not get your jewellery wet. Jewellery should be removed when washing hands, showering and swimming. (Just don't forget to put it back on!)
  • Remove jewellery when doing rough work such as gardening, cleaning or manual labor. 
  • Keep your jewellery clear of makeup, moisturisers, perfumes and sprays as much as possible. It is best to apply products before putting on jewellery. Harsh chemicals can damage and weaken jewellery and may change the colour (these are bad for the environment anyway - steer clear).
  • Use a soft, clean cloth when polishing jewellery after every wear to maintain the polish of the metal and shine of the gemstone.
  • Store your jewellery in a dry area, out of direct sunlight.
  • Rings will always get the most wear and tear as we use our hands constantly. Unfortunately this is unavoidable. 
  • Silver has a tendency to tarnish over time. A gentle polishing with a soft cloth after wearing, particularly if your jewellery has been in contact with sunscreen, makeup or perspiration, before storing will ensure the next time you take it out to flaunt, it will look amazing!

The great thing about Kate McCoy jewellery is that you can always get any pieces cleaned, re-polished and or re-plated. The cost for having jewellery pieces re-polished or re-plated varies depending upon the size and intricacy of the design. If you would like to have a piece detailed, please send a clear photo and description to to organise an appointment or postage.

How can I find my ring size?

Within Australia, letters are used to indicate ring size. Ring sizes start at I and go up to size Z.

The easiest way to find your ring size is to use a thin strip of paper and wrap it firmly around the finger you wish to wear the ring on. Mark where the end meets and measure against a ruler in millimeters - this will indicate your exact ring size. 

Circumference (mm)
US Size    AUS/UK Size 
47.5 4.25
48.1 4.5 I 1/2
48.7 4.75 J
49.3 5 J 1/2
49.9 5.25 K
50.6 5.5 K 1/2
51.2 5.75 L
51.8 6 L 1/2
52.5 6.26 M
53.1 6.5 M 1/2
53.8 6.75 N
54.4 7 N 1/2
55 7.25 O
55.7 7.5 O 1/2
56.3 7.75 P
56.9 8 P 1/2
57.6 8.25 Q
58.2 8.5 Q 1/2
58.9 8.75 R
59.5 9 R 1/2
60.1 9.25 S
60.8 9.5 S 1/2
61.4 9.75 T
62.1 10 T 1/2
62.7 10.25 U
63.3 10.5 U 1/2
64 10.75 V
64.6 11 V 1/2
65.2 11.25 W
65.9 11.5 W 1/2
66.5 11.75 X
67.2 12 X 1/2
67.8 12.25 Y
68.4 12.5 Z



Where do you ship to?

Kate McCoy ships products Australia wide and world wide to any home address, work address or post office box.

How long does shipping take?

Within Australia, product orders will arrive within 2 weeks. Shipping to the rest of the world will arrive within 3-4 weeks.

What does shipping cost?

Within Australia, shipping is free! Shipping to the rest of the world requires a $20 shipping fee for postage and handling. Kate McCoy uses Australia Post with tracking, both nationally and internationally.

How do I track my shipment?

Kate McCoy provides all customers with a tracking number for each shipment that is trackable on the Australia Post website For international postage, online tracking is available for deliveries to the US, UK and NZ. To other destinations, tracking is available upon request, please contact

In the unlikely case your package has not arrived within 2 weeks (nationally) or 4 weeks (internationally), please contact Accidents do happen, and as such we insure all our postage. All postage is documented and photographed in the rare case that we lodge a claim with Australia Post, your full cooperation is appreciated. 


Most custom order variables are possible upon discussion with Kate McCoy and with a possible extra fee, dependent upon the variable desired.

A product isn't available in the size I want.

Any product outside of the limited edition collections can be ordered to any size. If a sizing option isn't listed, please contact to order a product in your size at no extra cost.

Limited edition collections are made from unique and rare materials and are exclusive designs. As in fine art, they are valued on a limited production run. Sometimes alternate sizing may not be available, however we aim to keep our customers happy and there are always options available, such as resizing existing pieces. For any size queries, please contact Kate directly at 

A product isn't available in the metal I want.

Kate McCoy uses only the finest quality metals to make fashion jewellery. Kate McCoy uses sterling silver, as it is a strong and durable metal and rarely irritates the skin, doesn't leave green marks on your fingers (like copper or brass) and is easy to polish and clean. All metal products are made from sterling silver. Selected products are then plated in 14kt yellow gold, 14kt rose gold or rhodium. 

Please contact info@katemccoy to discuss the possibility of having a product plated in yellow gold, rose gold or rhodium. If you would like , or an alternate metal not listed above.

A product isn't available in the gemstone I want.

Selected fashion jewellery pieces are designed in the same style but are available in different gemstones. Browse the website first to ensure that the gemstone you desire isn't already available in the style you would like. 

Kate McCoy currently uses rose quartz, black onyx, lace agate, lapis lazuli, amethyst, garnet, aquamarine, turquoise, carnelian, citrine, smoky quartz, apple quartz, sunstone, hydrothermal emerald, hydrothermal ruby, pearl and more. 

Please contact to discuss the possibility of using an alternate gemstone (listed above or otherwise).



How do I contact Kate McCoy about having a bespoke engagement or wedding ring made?

Kate McCoy is a qualified gemologist and diamond grader and has many years of experience in designing fashion and bespoke jewellery pieces. Kate McCoy can be contacted via to book an appointment and discuss your dream and vision for the perfect ring. Factors such as your vision, budget and time frame should be conveyed to Kate. A good starting point for the process is to have drawings or pictures of your desired ring to show Kate. Kate McCoy places the highest importance upon the customer, their vision and their needs, and will endeavour to meet any and all requirements. 

How long does it take to have a bespoke engagement or wedding ring made?

Kate McCoy works with only the most trusted diamond dealers and setters to ensure your bespoke ring is of the highest quality. Once all discussions about the ring design between the client and Kate are finalised, then the exciting part can begin! Production time is subject to stone availability and complexity of the design. For a simple solitaire design, delivery can be as short as 10 days, subject to an express fee, otherwise, 2-4 weeks.

 How much does it cost to have a bespoke engagement or wedding ring made?

The cost of having a bespoke engagement or wedding ring made is entirely dependent upon your own budget and vision for the piece. The diamond's colour, carat, clarity, cut all will determine the cost of a ring, as will your selected metal. Discussing your ideas and budget with Kate McCoy will ensure that you receive a beautiful ring that matches your vision as closely as possible.


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Still not 100% sure? If you question is not answered here then please email