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February: Amethyst

Amethyst is a vibrant purple, violet or mauve colour crystal quartz, known for it's striking beauty and spiritual powers. 


Amethyst has been a coveted stone for hundreds of years among royalty. Queen Charlotte of England (18th century)  famously owned an amethyst bracelet which was valued at 2000 pounds.This bright stone is a favourite for jewellers, and Katy Perry who wore a stunning bold amethyst necklace recently. 


Need we say, amethyst is purple!? Amethysts come in a range of purple hues, some very pale they're almost pink, and others a deep dark blue purple. 


Fortunate for amethyst lovers, the gemstone is found in rich deposits around the world including Brazil, Uruguay, South Korea, Austria, Russia, Zambia, India, the USA and Canada. The discovery of amethyst in South America in the 19th century greatly reduced the price of amethyst.


Acient Egyptians were the first to appreciate this beautiful gemstone, and wore amethyst jewellery and carved drinking vessels out of the stone. It was believed that amethyst would ward off drunkenness and encourage level thinking and calm. In Latin amethyst means 'without drunkness', and soldiers would wear amethyst into battle. 

Fun Facts

Amethyst, unlike most gemstones that are valued in quartz, is most prized depending upon the depth of colour.